This magical smartphone is designed by Android creator

The smartphone that we are using today would look a lot different were it not for Andy Rubin.

 One of the founders of Android operating system, Andy Rubin, is working on a high end modular Android smartphone, which will be focussed on artificial intelligence.

Originally a startup founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Chris White, and Nick Sears, they were on a mission to develop a truly open source mobile phone software to disrupt the monopoly by carriers.

In late 2014, Rubin left Google and has largely been out of the public eye ever since. While there were rumblings that Rubin was focused on building his own smartphone company, details about the rumored venture were few and far in between.

Through his company Essential Products, Andy Rubin is aiming to re-enter the smartphone market with a device set for launch by mid-2017 -- the Essential FIH-PM1. The high-end smartphone will reportedly sport a large edge-to-edge display without a surrounding bezel, according to Bloomberg.

 In addition to releasing a smartphone, Essential is reportedly also working on developing a variety of other AI oriented consumer electronic products.