This man from Gujarat buys $ 6 million company with $ 6,000 in bank

Ahmedabad, Jan 20: Sounds unbelievable, but this is a true story. Yes, it is about Rahul Shukla, director (research) at SS White Technologies(SSWT) Inc. SS White Technologies (SSWT) inc. is a manufacturing unit discovered in 1844 New Jersey's Piscataway.

One day, When Mr Shukla returned home in the year 1988 he said to his wife Meena that the company he is working at was up for sale.

When her wife inquired him his next plan of action he said that he sought to purchase the company.

According to Mr Shukla, the company was worth $ 6 million and he had just $ 6,000 in his savings.

Now, Mr Shukla is the president and CEO of the company where he just began his career as a quality control inspector.

However, it was not a smooth ride for Mr Shukla as it took him 9 long months to follow different banks selling the novel idea of the company's future to raise the fund.

Meanwhile, the high-tech firm has specialisation in manufacturing flexible rotary shafts, which Shukla proudly mentions, are used in 98% of the aircrafts flying today and even in space projects.