This news will scare you..Govt bank ATM gives fake Rs 2000 note

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan): One of the reasons, why PM Narendra Modi decided to ban high denomination notes was to counter the menace of fake currency. But, it seems exactly the opposite is happening. Till now we have been hearing about how fraudsters were printing fake new currency, but in a shocking incident, an ATM in Rajashtan has dispensed fake Rs 2000 note.       The entire city is in a state of shock and disbelief after the news of fake Rs 2,000 note from an ATM spread. The incident happened when Jetharam went inside a PNB ATM at Hanuman Chauraha. He had withdrawn Rs 3,000 (One Rs 2,000, two Rs 500 notes). After withdrawing the cash he went to the nearby market for household purchases. When he gave Rs 2,000 note to the shopkeeper, he was told it's a fake.

Jetharam then went to the Punjab National Bank, where the manager accepted that it was a fake. Suspense remains over how the fake note reached the ATM. The matter is being investigated by the bank and police. (News24Bureau)