This sweet car is made of sugar!

Did you ever imagine to travel in a car made of just sugar and flax? Yes, this is true. Recently, a car has been built just by sugar and flax and it can ferry 4 people easily at a speed of 50 km/hour. Its inventors say that a bio degradable car may emerge as the next step in environmentally friendly motoring. 

The lightweight electric car, manufactured by the students in the Netherlands, is made of a resin derived from sugar beets and covered with sheets of Dutch-grown flax.

"Only the wheels and suspension systems are not yet of bio-based materials," said Yanic van Riel, one of the developers from the TU/Ecomotive team at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The structure of the car they have called Lina has a similar strength-weight ratio to that of fibreglass and weighs only 310 kg (about 684 pounds).

But the prototype has not yet passed crash tests, because the material "will not bend like metal, but break", said the team's leader Noud van de Gevel.

The surging demands to bring down air pollution and control climate change have pushed auto companies towards alternative designs, but most of them still require a great deal of energy to manufacture.