This teacher can walk,talk,sing and dance hilarious video

"I can Talk English,I can walk English,I can Laugh English because English is a very Funny Language", when Amitabh Bachchan said this in 'Namak Halal',he would have never thought that anyone would take this dialogue so seriously.

But there's a man who can top Mr Bachchan's dialogue because he can also sing English and dance English.  This video of a teacher teaching english can rightfully be tagged as the funniest english teacher of 2017.

This video, being shared widely on social media, shows a man enthusiastically teaching grammar to a group


"We don't, we don't write a letter," he says and the class repeats after him. "You don't, you don't write a letter," he says and again the class echoes his words.

He begins to teach present continuous tense, in the same manner, but not before he explained the tense in Hindi first, in a similar way. In the same entertaining manner, he goes on to teach present perfect and past indefinite tenses as well.

Watch video here: