Three Apps to monitor your menstrual health

Periods usually arrive once each month, but the exact date, flow, cramp severity, and accompanying symptoms aren't that consistent. They vary as per how busy you are, weather or if you've been travelling alot. For this very reason, the app market is flooded with period trackers that focus on offering insight into your monthly cycle.


Here are three apps for good menstrual health: 

* Period Calendar: Period Calendar can help to monitor and predict your period, plus provide information on your fertile window and potential ovulation date. In addition to the basic menstrual cycle tracking function, the app can be used to record temperature, intercourse, birth control, weight, cervical mucus, mood, and various symptoms.

* My Calendar: My Calendar is a sophisticated, elegant, and very customizable period monitor. It can help those with irregular cycles as well as people who have worries about conceiving, birth control, and contraception.

* Glow: Glow can track your period and record your symptoms, mood, sexual activity, and medications. Glow's data-driven menstrual and ovulation calculator helps women to take control of their reproductive health.