Three Apps to help you conceive! (For women post 30)

Women of today, of the the century, be fearless from the notions of your biological clock, having kids on time and being an ideal weight. We can be content about the fact that technology can be our best aid about it. 

Pregnancy is a journey that is different for each women, its true that its most fruitful when you are in your optimal health. But with our ambitions, responsibilities and even men wanting kids later on in life, we have to be on our toes so that we can get pregnant immediately. 

Also, when that happens, a lot of women find themselves searching for answers and tools that might help to make the next month a success. Then there are the women who don’t want to get pregnant, but would also prefer to manage that naturally. Thankfully, there’s an app for both situations! Actually, there are several. 

Here are three  of the best apps for you to revel in your pregnancy as you go about your work and gym sessions:  

* Conceivable: Conceivable creates a proprietary Fertility Score by assessing fertility factors that include biometric data, cycle metrics, basal body temperatures, eating habits, weight, stress  to predict the likelihood of natural conception.  Specific menstrual cycle metrics provide strong signals related to natural fertility. By measuring these factors, patients gain insight about how their cycles relate to their reproductive health. 

* Dot: Dot utilizes a patent pending method called Dynamic Optimal Timing. The app calculates your individual conception risks for each day of your cycle. There’s a sophisticated algorithm  that shows you instantly whether you’re at low, medium, or high risk for pregnancy on any given day. This information can then help you avoid or try for a pregnancy. Your unique cycle is analyzed, but there’s no need for complex charting or additional hardware. 

* Flo: Irregular cycles? No problem. Flo uses artificial intelligence to make accurate and reliable predictions about menstruation and ovulation. All you have to do is log your period days for the app to begin compiling data and making predictions. You can schedule notifications to remind you of upcoming period and ovulation days and track other lifestyle details, like sleep duration, physical activity, and water consumption.