Three Benefits of Eating Lean Meats

What are lean meats? Lean meats include - chicken, turkey, and fish, are often touted as being essential for good health due to their small amounts of dietary fat. But the  moderate fat content isn't the only reason why these meats can improve your health. Here are three more reasons for including lean meats in your diets: 


* Protein Content: Proteins are what lean meats are known for. Lean meats are rich sources of protein that the body needs to build muscles, cells and bodily fluids. Its especially essential during pregnancy and childhood. 

* Less Cholestrol: Contrary to popular belief, lean meat dont really contribute towards cardiovascular diseases. 

* Great Stress Buster: Lean meat has a lot of B-complex vitamins, zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. An increase in Omega 3 fatty acids protects against inflammation and help ease symptoms of anxiety. This improves the mood and helps people to cope better with anxiety and stress.