Three Best Holidays in very unique places in Europe

Europe is the birthplace of Western civilisation, and its innumerable expressions of historical and artistic achievement as well as its incomparable natural beauty make it an endlessly beguiling destination. 

Suffused with monuments and artefacts telling the tales of its origins, to travel in Europe is to submerge yourself in living testaments of tradition and vigor. 

You will take in Early Christian Art while wandering through Roman Catacombs, be awed by the elegant majesty of Ancient Greek civilisation in the ruins of the Acropolis, retrace the steps of knights and princesses in Austria’s magnificent palaces. Of course, there is more to Europe than its past; the wealth of cultural diversity means it is also one of the best places on earth to eat and drink.

Question is, what can you do Europe??? You can revel in an aperitif and antipasti on a Venetian terrace, or brisk in a snug in a Dublin pub with a pint of Guinness in hand to hear one of its many traditional music sessions. 

In every nook and corner of Europe, people and places of Europe will be waiting to tell their stories because of its diversity and old-world glam. 

Whether you’re planning a trip through several countries or craving some city break excitement, Europe is an exciting and fascinating place to explore.  Embrace vibrant culture, astounding architecture, and countless UNESCO-listed monuments in Europe's cities. 

Here are three hidden gems in Europe that you must travel to

1. Gdansk: Poland.  There isn't a place like Gdansk.. Its unique location and over a thousand years’ history shape Gdansk’s expressive and distinctive character and give it strong and implicit recognition among European cities. Its a  mini-state all to itself, Gdańsk has a unique feel that sets it apart from the various cities in Poland. Centuries of maritime ebb and flow as a port city; streets of distinctively un-Polish architecture bossed by a united nations of wealthy merchants that have actually maintained its authencity.

2. Stari Grad: Croatia: This beautiful destination on the island of Hvar in Croatia seduces every year more and more travellers from all over the world. The Austrians place it in 4th position of their favourite destinations in Europe, just behind Athens and ahead of Porto. Literally translated as Old Town, Stari Grad’s name reveals its appeal; decorated in ancient buildings and imposing architecture, the small town is a paradise for anyone with a penchant for history. Unlike its neighbouring holiday resort, Hvar Town, Stari Grad exudes a constant vibe of tranquility, never troubling the laid back ambience with an onrush of tourists

3. Sozopol: Bulgaria. Bulgaria is an increasingly popular country for travellers all over the world. Between cities and nature, tradition and modernity, mountains and sea, it offers a great diversity of landscapes and tourist opportunities. The city of Sozopol has harvested on social networks the highest number of positive comments from foreign travellers, amazed by the beauty of this seaside resort. Ancient Sozopol, with its charming old town of meandering cobbled streets and pretty wooden houses, huddled together on a narrow peninsula, is one of the coast’s real highlights. With two superb beaches, a genial atmosphere, plentiful accommodation and good transport links, it has long been a popular seaside resort and makes an excellent base for exploring the area