Three Best Snacks to pack for a road-trip!

Travelling by planes is great and all, but there is something really special about packing up the car, cranking up the tunes (or the podcasts), and heading out on the open road. We’ve always been the type that drive instead of fly. Not only is it often more affordable for us, but it’s also so much more fun! If you want to keep things healthy -- or need a break from salty chips -- we have your snack needs covered. 

Here are three of the healthiest snacks to pack during trips:

1. Vegetable Juice: A can of vegetable juice might be the closest travelers can get until they hit the next major city.

2.  Fresh Fruit. Similarly to the above, fresh foods might be hard to find. Choose fruits that come in “nature’s perfect wrapper” and aren’t too hard to peel or too messy. 

3. Nuts. There are so many good things to say about nuts. They’re not only crunchy and tasty, but a good source of protein with good fats.