Three Big Link-ups of Kangana Ranaut!

Remember the line - Chotti ungli pe nachayegee tumhe, she's a small town girl! Well, this Pahadi gurl created quite a havoc with her interview in 'Aap Ki Adalat' where she unvelied some pretty big stories of her link-ups. Lets take a closer look at  her various affairs:  



* Kangana-Adhyayan Suman - Aint a secret the boy was smitten! Then came the sucess of Raaz, with the two happily giving interviews and travelling together promoting it pre and post the movie came onto theatres! Then they disappeared - Kangana went onto making many superhits but Adhyayan kept fading away from the spotlight. One wondered why? Then - A FEW months ago their reasons for break-up came onto TVs again - with, Adhyayan's father, Shekhar Suman and his wife, Alka lashing out at Kangana for allegedly hypnotising and abusing their son. In an interview with ABP News, Shekhar said, 'One day my wife opened Adhyayan's drawer and she found supari, some coins and other weird things in it. She called me and asked 'kya hai yeh?' I hope he is not doing something crazy.' Alka added, 'We called the pandits and spoke to them. Even the pandits said she had performed 'vashikaran' on him...don't know how much of it is true, but he was completely obsessed with her. From his eyes, he looked as if he was drugged or under someone's spell.' ROFL? Right? The woman was doing black-magic!!!! Seriously, she was the witch they claimed, then how come she's been super-sucessful and completely undistracted by all of it. Strange!




*  Kangana Ranaut- Aditya Pancholi - They are now embroiled in a legal battle based on the trashing she gave him on TV.  The 'Simran' actress had unveiled her relationship with the actor and mentioning about the physical and mental trauma she went through. It all went back to her struggling days when she was practically living with him. " “We were as good as husband and wife. I was actually building a house for both of us on Yari Road. We lived together for three years at a friends` place. I used to show her a lot of movies. I was building a home for the two of us. Even the phone she was using was mine.” Then his threats began to become bigger and scarier, so she decided to flee - only to be hid by Anurag Basu in his office! Sad! 




* Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan: It all started with a silly tweet (silly or publicity stunt?) by Kangana allegedly referring to him as a silly ex. Hrithik reverted back mentioning that the chances of him dating a pope are much higher than the women the media is linking him up with. So what had happened? In the 20-minute promo that Aap Ki Adalat posted, Kangana has claimed that Hrithik and her were definetly dating, while he was going through a divorce with Susanne. Now Ranaut has revealed that Hrithik was involved with his co-star while he was shooting in Manali in 2014. It was a 3 year on-off relationship infact. It was quite a shock for Kangana when Hrithik suddenly denied that he has nothing to do with her as he can’t leave his wife. But according to Kangana, as soon as Susanne left him, he came back to her but then, she heard about his affair with another actress. “Kisi Heroine Ke Saath Mein Yeh Manali Mein Shoot Kar Rahe They, Toh Wahaan Pe Unke Affair Ki Khabarein Aayi, Toh Maine Poocha Unko, Valentine’s Tha February Mein, Maine Kahaa Ki Aapne Mujhe Phone Nahin Kiya Kuch Nahin? Toh Bole Main Kyun Karunga Phone?…” . The same man, she claimed used to roll on the dancefloor at her birthday parties and went to great lengths to sign her for Krissh 3. Shocking!