Three disadvantages of cloth nappies


'Trust me' peeps, what enters as a carrot in your child's mouth doesn't really come out appearing like a carrot! If you're one to lose your appetite quickly, you might be opting for diapers. However, cloth nappies are becoming more and more popular again because of them being less costly and you can wash them again. However, there are several disadvantages of cloth nappies. They are: 



* They aren't convenient when traveling - They aren't as absorbent and you will have to haul around a bag full of soiled nappies. 


* They require more energy to change, wash and clean - Taking care of your baby is already a handful, to top it off with dozens of cloth diapers to your laundry can be a heavy chore. You also have to make sure they are properly washed and dried to keep them sanitary.


* They can increase your utility bills: If you are going to wash the nappies at home, then be willing to bear  more of your ulitily bills. Using disposable diapers will also have its own advantages and disadvantages so the winner can only be declared by you.