Three Effective Running Apps

Running never gets out of season! Everyone around you is getting healthier and posting pictures all over social media about theri feats! 

Running is beneficial because it doesn't cost, there are several parks around and you can start at any level. 

You can also be the star of your show with the help of slick running apps.  And let’s not forget these apps’ real function: making you a better runner. 

Here are three apps that can help you become a star-runner: 


Best for: Interval lovers
Have a need for speed? Then you’ll love iSmoothRun, which allows you to set custom intervals prior to lacing up. Preset your 400-meter repeats; it’ll also account for those much-needed rest breaks. Can’t remember why that one run last week didn’t go so well? iSmoothRun’s weather-logging feature adds in notes on temperature and humidity to jog your memory (sorry, we had to) so you’ll know that high humidity could be to blame. 


2. Strava
Best for: Weekend warriors
If teamwork is your thing (thrown in with a little healthy competiton, of course), Strava is the app for you. Use one of over 50 compatible GPS devices — like your Garmin or your Timex — to upload your data, then compare it with your friends’ routes and paces. (You know, so you can identify which pals you’re going to pick off at your next half-marathon.) This app will even help you find local races, city running guides and running clubs. You’ll never have to run alone again! 


3. Mapmyrun
Best for: Discovering new routes
The same site you know and love for, well, mapping your run, also has a reliable companion app for when you’re on the move. Every single route you’ve mapped will sync up to your smartphone, so you won’t forget the whereabouts of that hilly five-miler you ran on family vacation last year. Training for a race? You can also use their MayMyRun Trainer app to find training plans for races of distances between 5K and a 50K.