Three Health Benefits of Cold Milk

The health benefits of milk include improved bone strength, great skin texture and a stronger immune system. It aids in the prevention of illnesses such as hypertension, dental decay, dehydration, respiratory problems, obesity, osteoporosis and also some forms of cancer.  The beneficial health nutrients obtained from milk are essential for the human body and help to prevent a number of chronic ailments. Many people prefer the taste of cold milk because its milder on the palette. Thus here are three health benefits of drinking cold milk: 



1. Reduces Acidity: One of the best remedies for acidity and discomfort is to sip on a glass of cold milk. Gradual sipping on milk can help alleviate pain from peptic ulcers too.


2. Keeps Your Body Hydrated: Cold milk is a great beverage to keep your body hydrated. Dehydrating beverages like alcohol, coffee and sugary foods signal the kidneys to get rid of the extra water by producing more urine making you feel more dehydrated. However, when beverages contain nutrients and electrolytes like potassium and sodium, as milk does, the stomach empties slowly with less significant effect on the kidneys.

3. Curbs Hunger Pangs: Cold milk makes for a nutritious way to curb hunger pangs. You can easily make cold coffee or flavored milk out of it and drink it in the evening. A glass of it won't just curb your cravings but also keep you fuller for longer.