Three Healthy Appetizers to serve with drinks

With each drink, you consume about 120 calories. It isn't just the calories, but you also need the proper foods that go along with it so that you can curb your weight gain and not get too intoxicated. The lighter the snacks, the better actually. 

Here are three snacks that you can serve as appetizers along with drinks: 


*Chicken Kababs: The meat contained in this Asian-inspired appetizer is usually skinless and grilled, and therefore contains few calories or fat. Plus, the most popular seasoning is a teriyaki glaze, which flavors the meat with less than a teaspoon of sugar. Just one ounce of chicken from this app will give you almost 9 grams of protein, keeping you satisfied enough not to reach for those tempting pigs-in-a-blanket.


* Sushi: This is a perfect low-calories food, because of the white rice, will keep you satisfied. The pieces with salmon or tuna inside deliver those coveted omega-3s, but even the fishless variety contains a healthy slice of cucumber or other veggie. The seaweed that hugs the rice, called nori, also packs a nutritious punch, as it contains minerals from the sea. Just make sure the sushi at the party is the freshest possible — take a pass if it's been out for too long. Also steer clear if the pieces are fried (tempura) or contain cream cheese.


* Salsa: If you've got your choice of several dip options, this one should win every time. Gracias, Mexico, for contributing this incredibly tasty finger food to parties the world over, saving health-minded party goers mucho calories. Salsa's main ingredients — tomatoes, peppers, avacados and lime — are all jam-packed with vitamins A and C, loaded with fiber, and super low-calorie.