Three Health Tips while on a flight

Many people experience some form of discomfort or sickness when they travel by plane. Dry mouth, aching limbs, swollen ankles, they’re par for the course on plane rides and they are, in fact, caused by the very environment you’re traveling in. That means there’s nothing you can do to eliminate these issues entirely, but you can take a few steps in the right direction for a more soothing and comfortable flight. 

Here are three tips to keep you safe and healthy on a flight:  

1. Drink water at regular intervals: Hydration will help you handle many health concerns travel brings your way. Don't drink caffeinated beverages (and diuretics) like coffee and soda. You should drink a bottle of water for every hour you’re in the air; the increased bathroom breaks will offer an additional opportunity to stretch your legs.



2. Drink less alcohol:  Alcohol presents as double health hazard to airplane wellness. It doesn't just make it more difficult for cells to absorb oxygen, which will worsen your altitude symptoms, but it also dehydrates your body faster. So if you’re feeling stressed about flying, opt for a non-caffeinated tea instead of a stiff drink.



3. Disposable Wipes/Hand Sanitizers: Getting a cold on a flight is absolutely possible because of poor air quality or recycled air; it’s ore likely due to a combination of excessive germs and your body’s compromised ability to handle with them. Hundreds of people have come in contact with what you’re seats, tray-tables, pillows, blankets etc.