Three home remedies to deworm your child

Intestinal worms grow in children from exposure to contaminated food, soil or water. They can also get worm infection from  infected children in play areas or creches or school. Early signs include abdominal pain, itching around the anus and disturbed sleep. Thus, the more natural cures you give to your child, the less irritable they will be and might heal quicker so they can be out and about their routines. 



Here are three home remedies for worms: 

* Nutmeg: Nutmeg or jaiphal is one of the best remedies for stomach/ intestinal worms.  

* Hing: Mix a pinch of hing or asafoetida powder in a glass of water and give this to child suffering from intestinal worms 

* Papaya: Extract juice from raw papaya by grinding in a mixer and squeezing juice out of it.