Three innovative ways Sonam can serve her favorite food at her wedding!

Sonam Kapoor's impending wedding to Anand Ahuja is in two months apparently. A date has been set for April and we are just going bonkers about all the wedding details. Though alot is being kept hush-hush, we can't seem but to get into the details Sonam might want to include in her wedding to make it more personal and memorable. 

She loves chocolate, so here are three ways she can serve chocolate at her wedding: 

* Chocolates for Dipping: What's more decadent than chocolate—melted chocolate? Serve pastries like doughnuts in a pool of melted chocolate for a delicious addition to a brunch reception or the most indulgent midnight snack.


* Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies: Weddings are all about luck and good fortune, so she can create custom, chocolate-dipped fortune cookies at her wedding. Customized messages in Hindi can make it more personal. 


* S'mores Station: Sonam and Anand are quite the travellers and thrill-seekers. So they can relive their camping dreams by serving s'mores at their reception or cocktail party. They can offer different types of chocolate and flavored grahams, so guests can roast their own marshmallows and create a tasty combo.