Three Lehenga Mistakes every bride must keep in mind!

As a bride-to-be, you have put in so much effort to make yourself worthy of the pedestal that everyone tends to put you on during your wedding celebrations. 

The one aspect of your look that will surely make you look like a million bucks is your lehenga. The wedding lehenga generates alot of curiosity around it. You must absolutely make sure it is perfect and every tiny detail about it is flawless. 

Your lehenga has to have the right embroidery, in the right colour and the right fit. And while we’re sure you’ll make a stunning bride, your part is not to make any of these three lehenga mistakes:  

* Firstly, don’t wear everything colour coordinated because that’s not going to make for an interesting look. Wear a combination of complementing colours. Try different shades of the same. Incorporating a different coloured dupatta or blouse will give the outfit more contrast, make it look more vibrant and enhance the character of it. The unusual yet elegant colour combinations to try are bottle green-gold, peacock blue-aubergine, yellow-peach and pink-grey. 

* Match the lehenga with your bodytype: You have to know what matches your body type. If you’re a curvy bride, we suggest you don’t wear big motifs or big floral prints and embroideries on your wedding lehenga. Opt for smaller designs that are all over the garment. Instead of choosing bigger embroideries, try something that’s intricate yet minimal. If you’re petite, do the exact opposite. Try bold prints, big borders, heavy embellishments and embroideries that strike out. 

* The Skinny Bride:


* The curvy bride: 


* Opting for the wrong neckline: The neckline of your blouse is very important and it can actually make or break your look. So, ensure that you go for a simple neckline - a round, a leaf design or just a V-cut - as these styles look the best with Indian outfits, especially bridal wear. To make your blouse a bit more fusiony - try collared, lace or tear-drop motifs. The right length will also make all the difference. After all, you’ve got to flaunt that bridal necklace too!