Three Reasons to Study BBA!

                    Business Administration (BBA Degree) is a field of study that had taken off pace in the late 1990s. The economic liberalization of many countries in the nineties demanded people with sufficient managerial and business skills. Organizations require people with sound business skills that can facilitate between the operations team and senior management. Once recruited by these organizations, they are also groomed for senior management positions. Thus, they can plan their career paths right from the time of being hired.  You can work in various aspects of business administration such as accounting, marketing, general admin, hr management, policies and procedures etc. Here are three reasons to opt for a BBA degree (for personal growth):

                Firstly, the expanding markets. Currently, markets are expanding at an accelerated pace. As companies expand in size, start-ups have increased in number in lieu of opportunities. Thus, to seize the profits, companies need to be super efficient, in tune with the changes in the markets and keep an eye on their competitors. Thus they require people with sound business and operations knowledge. Candidates with BBA/MBA degrees can efficiently form a part of core business/operations/strategy team or can be a contact point between the workers and seniol level management.

                 Secondly, exposure and growth. Due to the nature of these degrees, people end up working directly with the marketing, sales, operations or strategic teams. A hard-working peson (as in a quick learner/adapter) can rise up ladders quickly and become the team lead or manager in four to five years. Such candidates are then trained for mid-level and senior level managerial positions. Thus, there isn’t a stagnation point that leads to frustration, you’re always learning and thus it contributes towards your finances, confidence and credibility as an employee.

                Thirdly, BBA graduates can opt for a wide range of careers also. They can seek out for employments in share trading, business corporations, industries, law firms, media and so on. They can also work in Government sectors or IT industries. The main advantage of BBA graduates is that aspirants can pursue the MBA program after completing the same. They can specialize in their desired disciplines while in the MBA program. Having an MBA, the career profile of a BBA graduate may change metaphorically. The MBA course helps aspirants to attain to the top most designations like Directors, Managers, CEO’s and so on in multi-national companies. Moreover, MBA professionals can expect higher salaries also.

                Finally, there isn’t always a demand for any degree that you study. However, there will always be a demand for marketers and business consultants. Irrespective of economic advances in the country, these positions will never become obsolete. Also, unlike other degrees, BBA gives you both hard and soft skills. Accounting, for instance, gives you hard skills (mathematical and analytical skills). Human Resources Management and Policy-making gives you soft skills – that enables a person to interact effectively and harmoniously with their co-workers and peers. A combination of these make you an invaluable resource for a company. According to me, I’d give BBA a pass!