Three reasons you crave salty foods!

Salt is a highly addictive taste. Our brains and bodies are designed to enjoy salt because it’s necessary to survival. Over the course of our evolution, creating salt was tough, so craving salt was a survival mechanism. Craving salt may be a symptom of a health condition and not just a yearning for a mid-afternoon snack. 

Here are three reasons you crave salt: 

1. It helps balance body fluids: Regardless of intake, your body works hard to maintain a specific range in terms of sodium and water levels. This regulatory system is complex, involving your kidneys, two key hormones and your brain. Working together, these key hormones and organs regulate fluid balance.

2. It is essential for life: When we consume natural salt, it essentially moves nutrients in and out of our cells. Natural, unrefined salt contains two key elements: sodium and chlorine.  

3. Sodium supports nerve function : Muscle contractions, for instance, are initiated by the nervous system and would not be possible without sodium, potassium and calcium.