Three Steps to Shop for Fresh Vegetables

In a perfect world, all produce would get eaten and none would go to waste. However we do tend to make some errors while selecting the right vegetables and fruits. However, the question to ask is - am I just picking up stuff because they are aesthetically pleasing or am I actually getting value for money! 


Here are three ways to shop for fresh quality fruits and vegetables: 


* Bigger doesnt mean better! Size doesnt matter! Usually better to opt for smaller fruits and vegetables, because they tend to be sweeter or more savory. 




* For fruits, don't base your decision on how perfect they might look. Instead, pick them by their weight:  Heavier  fruits will be juicier. 




* Sometimes, color isn't everything: Mangoes with a red tint aren't better or riper. They're just of a different kind. Apricots and certain types of apples are the same way: Those with a red blush aren't riper than those without.