Three style tips for your summer wedding!

Summers are here, and so is the wedding season! But, weddings are an elaborate affair. So, the rising temperature, sweat, and the uncomfortable feeling can get quite annoying for a bride. If you are getting married this summer, you definitely would not want to be seen with cakey makeup, sweaty look, and heavy traditional wear and jewellery, which will ultimately make you look all irritated in your wedding photos.  

Here are three summer styles for you to think of for Summer of 2018: 

* Pick Summer Fabrics: Since it’s summer in India, you cannot discount the fact of fabrics while picking the outfit for summer wedding. You can wear dresses made of cotton, linen and also rayon. 

* Choose cool summer shades: High-end bridal wear does not necessarily mean that you have to go for deep, dark and rich colour tones like red, maroon, mauve, etc. If you are getting married in the summer, go for more unconventional, cool and soothing shades, like strawberry ice, custard, aquamarine, toasted almond, and other pastel shades.

* Go for soft, flowing fabrics: If you are getting married in the hot, stuffy weather, you must focus on soft and lightweight fabrics such as chanderi silk, crepe, net, chiffon, satin, and other flowing fabrics. Great to carry, these fabrics are meant for modern-day brides who prefer light and breezy silhouettes. Sheer silks and organzas are always better than heavy brocades in the hot weather.