Three Tips to soothe your fussy newborn

The first time you hear your baby cry is a thrilling experience; it's a sign she's entered the world healthy with a great set of lungs! 

But as the weeks go by, the thrill may quickly give way to concern and frustration because the crying becomes repetitive. The reason is obvious: Baby is hungry, wet, or tired, and wants you to address her needs. Many times, getting the tears to stop is not such a simple process. That's why figuring out the way to soothe and calm a baby when nothing else seems to do the trick is so important. 

Here are three ways simple ways to calm a baby: 

1. Rock-a-bye baby: Place baby in your arms, stand with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart, and swivel back and forth at the hips. Your movement can be fairly vigorous as long as you're holding baby close.  Swaddles or rocking chairs are best for this. 

2. Swing, swing, swing: Baby swings offer soothing, rhythmic motion that helps calm baby down. Just make sure the swing is designed for a small baby, as little ones may slump over in a large one. 

3. Get some good vibrations going: The vibrating motion of a washing machine or dryer has saved the sanity of many a frustrated parent. Place baby in an infant seat, put it on top of the appliance, and hold on to it firmly so the seat stays in place.