Three Types of Clothing you need for your newborn

A little preparation goes a long way when shopping for clothes for your newborn.  The appropriate clothing for your newborn will ensure that they sleep properly and that they are in good mood also. This helps in their growth. You'll be changing your baby's clothing several times daily, so you need plenty. So make sure outfits are simple and open easily for diaper changes. In general, you want soft, comfortable clothing that can come off in no time. 

Here are three key types of clothing you must have for your newborn: 

* Bodysuits (Onesies): Some of these are basically spiffed-up jammies appropriate for sleeping and playing – and because babies nap so frequently, especially at first, these are very convenient.

*Outerwear: For warmer weather, hooded zipped shirts or thin cotton jackets are the best. So your baby can be comfortable all day long. 


* Wearable blankets (2 to 3): These fleece or cotton sacks zip over your baby's sleepwear to keep them warm at night. They replace traditional blankets, which aren't safe for sleeping babies because of the risk of SIDS.