Three ways Alcohol is good for your brain



We have previously stated that small amounts of alcohol, wine or champagne can be good for your health and your brain. But of course, we all know that consuming too much alcohol can lead to impairment, injury, and death.

What happens in your brain when you consume alcohol, both in the short term and the long term?

Interestingly, here are three facts about the neuroscience of drinking:

1. Better cognitive function: Moderate consumption of wine is linked to higher performance on cognitive tests.

2. Lowers Alzheimer’s risk: One drink a day (or less) for women and 1-2 drinks (or less) for men reduces the risk of developing dementia. 

3. Lowers risk of depression: Wine drunk in moderation can reduce the risk of developing depression. Moderate alcohol intake can have a similar protective effect on depression as that found for heart disease.