Three ways Chocolate can help you lose weight

Its the 21st century people, everything is possible! So, chocolate is your stress-busting, waist-whittling savior. Chocolate for many years has been a healing plant, a mood enhancer, and even an aphrodisiac. However, you can sure eat high quality chocolate to take delicious control of your weight. In moderation, though! 



Here are three ways eating chocolate can actually help you curb your weight: 

* Cuts down on cravings: With most weight-loss plans you end up cutting back a lot on sweets and sugary foods, but a small amount of chocolate daily can help prevent you from reaching for something higher in sugar and lower in nutritional value.

* Makes you feel full: Chocolate actually contains a decent amount of fiber, which helps keep your appetite in check and increase feelings of satiety. 

* It reduces stress: Eating small amounts of chocolate daily can help you reduce stress. Stress is a big cause of weight gain as it causes your cortisol levels to spike.