Three ways city life effects your sleep


Living in a big city is great. Every day is an adventure, you come across so many different people, cultures and ways of thinking. Its fun and exhausting also. Modern city life also affects your sleep, which can be a big health deterrent. 



Here are three ways city life effects your sleep: 

1. Noise Pollution: Noise is the biggest factor in city-related insomnia. Whether it’s the screech of traffic from the highway outside your door or the rumble of a subway train. 

2. Long commutes: If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to live and work in one of the world’s great mega-cities – Tokyo, London or New York for example – the chances are that your commute to and from work is going to be at least a couple of hours daily. This means rising early and coming home late.

3. Stress in the city: Whether it’s due to the  long hours of the job, the daily grind of the commute, managing in nucleur families (balancing work, home, dependents), the average person living in a city is more likely to be stressed than their counterparts in the countryside.