Three Ways Exercise may reduce your brain decline

You know that exercise helps you stay fit and toned and can help you slim down. But that's soo not the only reason to hit the gym—it's also hugely helpful for your psyche. We rounded up the top ways that it helps your brain, not just your body:

1. It helps you alleviate stress: According to several studies, it can also help in healing major depressive disorders. 

2. It Improves your memory: Getting your heart rate up improves blood flow to the brain, which helps boost memory and overall brain function. In one study that looked at brain structure pre- and post-workout, researchers found increases in brain volume in a number of areas after participants got sweaty. The effect is pretty noticable, too: Patients in the study did 10 to 15 percent better on a variety of memory and attention tasks after they'd exercised.

3. It makes you more focused: After all, it takes some serious effort to eek out those reps without sacrificing the correct form, all while remembering to breathe and tuning out the distracting guy huffing and puffing beside you.