Three ways for a simple living at your home!!

A sustainable lifestyle and unclustered living is not just a present-day trend, but the need of the hour. 

Optimum utilisation of space and a neutral colour palette can work wonders for your health and for a happy environment in your home. 

The benefits of sustainable building can be generally lead to environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

 Nikhil Tiwari, designer of Topstona and Jade Davies, gives these three tips for sustainable living at home: 

* Space: Optimum utilisation of space. Sleek accented furniture, minimal design, wall decor accessories with utilitarian properties can optimise a space and bring the element of minimalistic metropolitan decor.

* Neutral palette: Neutral colour palette can work wonders as a background for a modern-day home. Playing with textures and layering of furnishing pieces with a backdrop of neutral walls can make simplest of decor make a bold statement.

* Furniture: Modular furniture will allow you to create living areas that work to your exact requirements, even if you have got an unusually shaped room or you want the option to change the pieces are placed together in the future.