Three ways to a successful career

A successful career means different things to different people. For one it may be the prestige of a designation, while for another it may be the amount of money earned. One must ask why it is so important to define a successful career. There are many reasons why it is important. The reasons for wanting a successful career might be different for everyone, however it leads to happiness for everybody. Here are three things you can do to be more happier and successful in your career: 



Firstly, the thought that you peers job is better than yours.  Have you ever heard that sentiment that says something about comparison being the gaffer of happiness? That’s painfully true—particularly when it comes to your career. Rather than comparing the nature of your jobs, you should compare the way they perform their job, the reasons for their good productivity. Constantly keeping a watchful eye on what other people are doing and accomplishing quickly leads you to believe that while you might be happy, you could be happier. And that, my friend, is a very slippery slope.It’s so tempting (and almost irresistibly easy) to match your own reality up against everyone else’s creation of happiness. Thus its key to watch their process that leads to their happiness before you conclude on your unhappiness. Its because its always counterproductive and disheartening. 

Secondly, focus on solutions rather than your problems. Simply because we can’t see a solution at a given moment does not mean it’s not there. Use your subconscious voice in order to gain answers and expand your horizon instead of listening to the inner voice that says a particular goal can’t be achieved. People with a strong sense of self-worth tell themselves that they can handle anything including hurdles that arise in pursuit of their core goals. Generally, lets consider that you like your job. But, you don’t get a thrill at the thought of Monday morning and a crammed inbox awaiting you. However, pace yourself and take it one-by-one, focus on the fact that you are replying promptly to your collegues and queries and that it only benefits your productivity. 

Thirdly, devoid yourself of distractions at work. Work on a routine. Maintain a discipline and focus on your priorities. Don’t do the easy things first. Rather, prioritize those commitments that provide the highest return. Determine what is of value to you and what type of outcome you will get from it and how much money you want to make and how it will enrich your knowledge of your work. 

This, with the changing times (economy, financial conditions, trade et al) the sooner you determine the course of your career, the sooner you will have a clear and focused vision about what it is that you want to achieve. The best way to predict your future and happiness, in any aspect of your life, is to create it. You career shouldn't be any different.