Three Ways to Solve your Travel Problems

                            The words “travel” and “travail” have been linked, perhaps apocryphally, to an Roman pain-striking device. In the middle-ages, international travel (especially with families) was an arduous and life-threatening, and even today, in the age of advancement in services and internet convenience, it can still be a laborious task! Right from booking flights to choosing the right clothes to accustoming our kids to the weather changes, to many interchanges and stopovers, it can be quite discouraging! However, if you don’t travel and explore, you wouldn’t have utilized the one life you get! Here are three ways to travel with ease, and be happy also:


                            Firstly, travel off season. Do you wish to see The Great Wall when it’s High Season? The Tower of Pisa? The Redeemer in Rio? It would be hilarious, if you weren’t in the thick of it, trying to get that perfect picture with all the heads bobbing around you, and, failing miserably.  Moreover, you probably expected to see less – just because it’s high season! Travel off Season, folks! You get really cheap rates and more comfortable seats for tours and travels. The weather might surprise you too and if it doesn’t, we’re sure you’ll still make the most of it! It’s less cranky kids, also. They get really tipped-off with the crowds around!

                                Secondly, prepare meals beforehand and always have bottled water with you. Staying hydrated is probably the most basic and fundamental of steps you need to take for a hassle-less trip. Carry bottled water around anywhere you go, and if you want to avoid unhealthy snacks or would rather not test the street food, prepare your own sandwiches before-hand! Planning ahead always gives you a chance to be relaxed and you aren’t frantically locating food places with wailing kids in your arms! Also, healthy snacks mean less health conditions to encounter such as stomach ailments and urinary infections.

                                Thirdly, be open to opportunities! Making plans may be essential – but sticking to them is optional. If an opportunity to see something different comes along, make sure you’re flexible enough to take it on board. Book accommodation which allows you to cancel up-to 24 hours prior! Don’t make fixed  commitments with different people and try to leave ticket purchasing until as late as you can – or check whether they’re changeable or can be partly refunded. Give spontaneity more opportunities, as it truly enhances your scope, the way you analyze things, sceneries and the way you get accustomed to their level of living.

                                Finally, make yourself feel at home! When in Rome, do as Romans do! Have you ever caught the bus or metro and avoided taxis? It’s much cheaper and today’s public transport network is a lot of cities will get you anywhere a private car can. Eat local food and avoid high street chain restaurants! Don’t be a tourist that doesn’t fit in – be a true traveler – that can blend in seamlessly with the culture and the people! It’s what travelling is all about! Simple always does it! The trick is to have the foresight to plan ahead, and the fun-loving nature to be spontaneous and twist plans if need be! Have that cigar and then cough your way to fits later, it’s ok, live a little! Chill! Enjoy, right?