Three ways to train hyperactive kids!

A hyperactive child has difficulty listening, taking instructions or following directions. He may tend to perform poorly or below expectation in school, and also demonstrate behavioral problems. Though there is no one set pattern or plan about how to handle a hyperactive child, with a fair bit of patience and experimentation, coping with a hyperactive child becomes easier. 

Here are three ways to handle hyperactive children:

1. Establish order at home: Hyperactive children feel like a headless chicken in unclear environments. They need clear diction and a pattern to follow. They tend to become anxious when they do not know what they should be doing next. 

2. Choose your battles wisely: Does your child need help in day-to-day chores or inculcating a new hobby. 

Instead, understand that he needs your help even in day to day activities. Try to focus on things that are important and quintessential and let other matters slide. Try to focus on things that are important and quintessential.

3. Minimize the distractions: Thus, it is important that you set the right atmosphere, especially when your child is performing important tasks like doing homework or preparing for a test.  Do not restrain him to his seat as this can make him restless.