Tips on Travelling with Kids

                Ever wonder how do parents do it? Travelling with kids – that can get erratic cuz they have to get accustomed to time-zones, flight-hopping, food alterations, diet restrictions and then the ultimate weather changes! It kind of sounds like an oxymoron! However it isn’t impossible – it is doable.  As a parent, your first instinct is to keep your kids as happy and comfortable as possible. Here are three tips that can make your travelling a leisurely experience:

            Firstly, make a checklist and travel with it. Teenaged kids have their own backpacks, however, with younger ones you don’t have that luxury of independence and less nagging and whining. In the checklist, include lots of change of clothes, two blankets, Nursing pads, Formula, Pacifiers, Breast pumps, thermometer and toys. If you’re child is a bottle-fed child, then, you aren’t permitted to taken more than 3-4 ounces of liquid on the flight. Thus instead break it down to two-three bottles.

            Secondly, it’s crucial to maintain hygiene. Since babies are very prone to infections, always try to maintain hygiene. Change their clothes frequently so that there isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria which might affect their skin and body adversely. The first things you need to watch out for are rashes and red bumps. Then comes fever – thermometers and paracetamols. If you are visiting water-themed parks then dress them appropriately and keep them hydrated. Bathe them with water and soap right after. Always carry wipes and disinfectants.

            Thirdly, make your child hotel-friendly. You can call the hotel to seek into the parks, play yards, nannies, bedding they provide. Also ask if they have cartoon channels on TV. Can you check-in just in time for the baby’s nap? Get a room away from the pool, any functional area such as a restaurant, bar or elevators. Baby needs to nap – thus you will appreciate a quieter location. Request for a crib from before, so that it’s made when you get there and the baby can just be put in it. Also, request for a bathtub and a potty chair – some hotels do provide it. Most hotels with sterlize your baby’s bottles for you as well.

            You shouldn’t get discouraged to travel with kids because it’s tough to maintain their normal schedule as it is. Travelling does to kids what sunlight does to plants. It makes them accustomed to the rest of the world, it makes them more reflective, aids in their self-discovery, more importantly you get to gaze the world through their eyes. By being more observant and providing simple answers to their endless questions, we become more mindful of ourselves as well as the world we live in.