To Be Skilled at something, become a lifelong learner!

            How many of us are actually working in the fields for which we studied in college? Right about 61% of people in the world actually follow-up with the degree they chose. It’s because the motivation to work was beyond money. It’s because there is a big difference amongst being educated and being skilled. Education is knowledge based on matter, being skilled is a combination of personal and work skills (what we call hard and soft skills) which we hone overtime. Thus, textbooks are long forgotten but skills come in handy at every stage of our life as the society progresses with the changing times. Here are two ways to hone your skills:

            Firstly, embrace the mind of a child! Young kids ask why incessantly and always want to touch, play and give their opinions on everything. They’re super curios, this is how they learn about the world. As we grow older, we accustom ourselves into a trained way of life, this we lose this curiosity. We often become rigid, complacent and un-experimenting. As long as the job is meeting our basic needs, we are maintaining a certain standard of life and our families are happy, we choose to “stagnate” so to speak. The key is to maintain the playful attitude and childlike curiosity at all times, especially at work.

            Secondly, read, read, read. Continue to master and hone your skills. Sometimes, the best teachers and mentors are books. With books, you can learn at your own pace. Also readers are more successful than non-readers because they have garnered the ability to analyze all angles of an issue because they have read up on various perspectives. In addition to gaining perspectives, readers are reflective about what they have read. While gaining perspective allows a person to see from the other side of the fence, being reflective allows them the opportunity to understand how they can be productive with their newly acquired perspectives. Successful people are reading because it’s as the simple act of staring at words on a page.

          Consider this – the rusting that you see on the iron metal is the same rusting reaction that occurs in the brain. But it can also eradicate the neurons in the same way that iron metal rusts in the presence of oxygen. To master at your skill, you certainly can’t stagnate. Constantly learning, experimenting, analyzing situations at work is on the best ways to make you more competent and confident as well. Also, when you’re accustomed to constantly learning new things, you’re also becoming more adaptable to change, meaning you can easily take any organization or your business in your stride. You become the person to reckon with!