Top 5 Best Dressed Actresses of Bollywood

Bollywood Celebrities aren't any far behind in starting new trends, just as heir Hollywood counterparts. Be it at the airport, or award functions or movie premiers, their sense of style has given us Global recognition. They arent afraid to experiment and are quite bold and forthcoming about the styles they wear. Here are 5 of the best dressed actresses of Bollywood: 

* Sonam Kapoor: Sonam Kapoor is the best dressed Bollywood actresses with a great sense of style. Her confidence and grace in carrying Western as well as Traditional outfits is unmatched. Her Cannes outfits make the pages of top fashion magazines and her movie looks give us 

* Kareena Kapoor:  Kareena Kapoor has a slim structure, great smile, perfect body and glowing skin due to which she looks prominent in everything she wears. Unlike Sonam, she isnt very experimental - she is loyal to her famous desigers - Manish Malhota and Roberto Cavalli. The way she carried her pregnancy in media, catwalking and giving interviews with much elan, has made us women feel more confident and happy about our bodies. 

* Priyanka Chopra: With her new-found International Status, PC has come up with an eclectic, classy outfits with a hint of couture in them! She is partial towards the body-hugging gowns that accetuate her perfectly toned body.  She prefers outfits from very exotic designers Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferreti and Gavin Miguel.

* Deepika Padukone:  Deepika Padukone dresses reflects her body and attitude. Hot! Hot! Hot! (^1000) Like Really! The extremely confident and poised actress looks great in her dresses primarily due to her tall stature and confidence. She loves herself to be draped in saris, long flowy gowns, spcially ones accentuating her wastelines. Shes also quite experimental.

Anoushka Sharma:  Anushka Sharma dresses reflects her young, playful and youthful looks. She looks great in casual dresses and gives utmost importance for current trends and her mood. Her favourite look is the "tomboyish meets skaterboy". Shes often spotted with a Starbucks coffee in one hand, completely chic and savvy. Shes given the dated pantsuits a fresh makeover and they have become trendy because of her.