Top 5 controversies of MS Dhoni!

New Delhi, Oct 25: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni proved to be as one of the finest Indian cricket team captain. He is always on the go whether it is on the field or off it. During his span of Indian cricket team captain, Dhoni has made some controversial statement which created major ripples in the cricket team. After holding several press conferences, even the best may make a few mistakes. 

So here we present the top 5 statements that landed one of the BEST captain in trouble. 

1) Lack of technique for Tests Matches: Dhoni had once commented just before the start of the crucial Australian tour that, "I do not have the technique to play Test Cricket." The statement raised many eyebrows in the cricket fraternity all over the world. Dhoni was never known for his batting technique but public acknowledgement of the same and that too just before the start of a vital test match, allegedly did not go down well with many in Indian cricket fraternity. 

2) Forgetting Yusuf Pathan's name: It is widely known fact that MS Dhoni allegedly did not have  much faith in the capabilities of Yusuf Pathan and problems only grew stronger after the former Indian skipper forgot his name just before the start of an ODI in South Africa. The incident happened like this: Just after the toss, Dhoni said, "Piyush, and I can not remember the fourth guy who is not playing." 

3) Retirement from Test Cricket: During the Border-Gavaskar Series, MS Dhoni created ripples when he made this statement, "I don't think my body will allow me to play Tests post 2013 because I will have to see will I play the 2015 World Cup." There would have been no problem at all had this statement came at another time but making it just in the middle of vital Test Match series shocked many in the Indian cricket team. 

4) Display of strength: This one wasn't a consequence of Dhoni's controversial statement but his actions instead. The entire Indian team walked into the press conference room during the World T20 in England in 2009. They posed for the camera - driving home the point that there was no rift in the team. While that might have been the case, what angered the media so much was the fact that the captain refused to address the press ahead of a crucial match.

5) Seniors are slow: The last statement can be termed as the biggest of all controversies Dhoni made. It sparked major debates in the Indian Cricket team. The statement of MS Dhoni was widely debated on TV Channels all across the world.  Dhoni said about the senior players Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir, "They are safe fielders but on the slower side, they can end up getting injured in big Australian grounds."

This comment landed MS Dhoni into the biggest controversy of his career. It also angered many in the Indian cricket team. While there is no doubting the fact that the skipper was well within his rights to say that, the problem arose when he raised fingers at two legends of Indian cricket Tendulkar and Sehwag.