Top 5 'death rituals' from around the world

When it comes to bizarre demise customs, there are millions of ways to mourn the deceased. Not all cultures believe in burying the dead. Russians often leave black bread and shots of vodka for the dead individual to eat and drink on a spiritual level.

From how a man is let go to how he is memorialized, each society and religion has a unique method for burying, grieving and memorializing their perished ones.

Here are unique 5 death rituals from around the World:

-Aseki Smoked Bodies

smoked-bodies In the Menyama region of Papua New Guinea, the locals smoke the bodies, string them up and hang them on a cliff face. This way, the bodies can look down and protect the town beneath.


3-Endocannibalism_tn In the old days, the Melanesians of Papua New Guinea and the Wari people of Brazil would eat the the dead as a mark of utmost respect for the dead. The Yanomami individuals likewise practice this.

-Tibetan Buddhist Sky Burials

Tibetan-funeral Many, particularly Tibetan Buddhists feed the body of the deceased to the vultures. Buddhists see dead bodies as empty vessels and consider this as an Act of Charity and Compassion.

-Madagascar's Famadihana

AMBOHIMANDROSO, MADAGASCAR ÐÊJULY 16 Malagasy men raise the body of a newly exhumed and shrouded relative and dance with their bones during a famadihana ceremony in Ambohimandroso, Madagascar July 16, 2010. Millions in Madagascar practice famadihana often in conjunction with their various religious faiths, though not always with the same understanding of what it means to be dead. (Ed Ou/Reportage by Getty Images) Once every seven years, the Malagasy people of Madagascar uncover the bodies of loved ones, wrap them in cloth and dance with the corpse sacks. It probably smells really awful, so they splash it with wine and tell stories of their families.

-Send in Clowns

0f6b10e3443cfdf104b300acf5731580 Even if you boycott black clothing and encourage a celebratory mood, funerals still have a tendency to be miserable. A few families of Europe call funeral clowns for reinforcement. The clowns offer tricks to respectfully lighten the state of mind. One Dutch clown can even be procured to break wind at tedious parts of the memorial. Sounds fun...unless you're frightened to death of clowns.


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