Top 5 DIRTIEST cities in India

New Delhi, Oct 1: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swach Bharat Abhiyan' in October 2014 and the purpose of the campaign was to create a nation which is clean and hygienic. When PM Modi launched the campaign, he held a broom to clean the surroundings to give a strong message to the nation. The goal was to motivate the nationals to keep the environment spic and span so that India can match the foreign nations in terms of cleanliness.

Government Employees, Students, Adults and everyone else came forward to help India in becoming a clean nation. Since then, there had been a lot of improvement and every year a survey is held to find out the cleanest and the dirtiest cities in India. This works as an encouragement for the clean cities to keep up the good work and the dirty cities are shamed on the public platform so that the improvements can be made in cleanliness standards.

However there are still some cities that fall in the category of dirtiest cities in India. Here goes the list: 

1) Gonda, UP: Gonda is the dirtiest city in the country and this city is about 125 Kms from Lucknow. The city has a population of 1.2 Lakhs and the literacy rate in the city is 80%. The city has several famous places like Swaminarayan Chhapaiya, Ayodhya and much more. This was the list of top 10 dirtiest cities and we hope that none of these cities appear in the next list of top 10 dirtiest cities in India.

2) Bhusawal, Maharashtra: Bhusawal falls in Maharashtra and the city was established in 1882. It is also to be noted that the Bhusawal Railway junction is one of the largest railway yards in India. The total population of this city is estimated to be 2 lakhs and the literacy rate is 91%.

3) Bagaha, Bihar: This is the second city from Bihar in our list and the city falls under Pashchim Champaran District of Bihar. The city has a population of about 1.15 Lakhs and the literacy rate of this place is as low as 38%. The people are in this city are being educated about the importance of cleanliness so we hope that the next time, this city doesn’t make it to this list.

4) Hardoi, UP: This is the fourth city from Uttar Pradesh to make it in the list of the dirtiest cities. The city has a population of about 2 lakhs and acertain area in this city has dense forest as well as open forest. The city was named after the word ‘Haridrohi’ which basically meant anti-God and the city got this name because one of the rulers of this city didn’t believe in God.

5) Katihar, Bihar: On the fifth number, we have Katihar and the city is located in Bihar. Katihar needs to work a lot to remove the tag of dirtiest city in India and it can be easily achieved as this is one of the well-planned city in India. The city has LED lampposts and several walks over bridges. The total population of this city is an around 2.4 lakhs.