Top 5 upcoming Hollywood movies in 2016

 You are going to be hard-pressed to save money this year, almost every month as many potential blockbusters movies are going to be screened in 2016. Here is the list of top 5 upcoming movies.

Batman vs Superman: Most awaited movie of D.C. Universe is finally set to release worldwide on March 25. Idea of two legendary superheroes fighting with each other has already created much hype. If you are a fan of D.C. Universe we know how badly you are waiting for batman and superman to fight in theaters.

Captain America- The civil war: Marvel is not far behind in making two superheros fight with each other. Civil war features Captain America and Iron Man coming in face off. Politicians want the Avengers to be held accountable in cases of collateral damage and regulated by a government body. Iron Man aka Tony Stark is all for it, Captain America not so much. Movie is due to be released on May 6.

Deadpool: Former special forces operative Wade Wilson undergoes an experiment in a bid to beat cancer. The result leaves him with healing powers, disfigured skin, an unsound mind and a dark and twisted sense of humor. Trailer of deadpool is out for long and audience is appreciating the superhero that goes dark. Deadpool will be releasing on February 12.

X-Men- Apocalypse: Another Marvel comics venture in which the first mutant awakes and seeks to cleanse humanity and create a new world order. He isn't just immortal and invincible but he's been worshiped as a god for millennium. The only sad part of movie is that this time X-men are coming without Wolverine. Movie will release on May 20.

Suicide Squad: In this movie government agency is seeking to control a group of super-villains, which is surely asking for trouble. But Amanda Waller is convinced she can rein them in. Think 'evil Justice League', except they're doing it in exchange for shorter prison sentences. It is the whole new concept to make villains and psychopath do good. Movie will be coming in theaters on August 5