Touching PIC:Brave Army Major carries her 5-day old baby to hubby's funeral

New Delhi, Feb 24: This is yet another story of a brave woman which will melt your heart. It's an example of how a woman with strong heart faced a situation that would have broken many with weak hearts.

She is an Army officer and her husband was Wing Commander in Indian Air Force. Major Kuud Dogra's story is truly inspirational. She lost her husband Wing Commander D Vats in a chopper crash. The couple had a new born baby whom Wing Commander Vats had not even seen. 

A couple of days ago, Wing Commander's funeral was held. What caught the eye of the nation on that day was a picture of brave Major Kumud dressed in uniform holding holding her 5-day old child. The picture is now touching hearts of crore of Indians and world citizens across the social media.