Tour the space with NASA

New Delhi: The idea of travelling into the far fledged corners of the space has always been an alluring idea and has attracted many stories.

Though the concept has been explored widely in books and movies, it remains a possibility in reality.

Aiming to turn fiction into reality, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Unit (JPL) has released a series of posters, ‘Visions of the Future’, that give a deep insight into the world of space tourism.

“At NASA/JPL we strive to be bold in advancing the edge of possibility so that someday, with the help of new generations of innovators and explorers, these visions of the future can become a reality,” NASA said.

The program offers a variety of destinations to choose from. So, if Mars is too hot for your comfort, you can travel to Jupiter or Titan.

Bon Voyage! 

(Image courtesy: NASA)

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