Trane launches 'Interactive SmartAC' app to control interactive AC

New Delhi: Trane , a brand of Ingersoll Rand and a global leader in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems has launched a new Interactive SmartAC web gateway and mobile app that will revolutionize the experience of an air conditioner in summers.  

The rising mercury of the nation usually encapsulates the entire Indian subcontinent in a deadly heat wave. In such times, Air conditioner is the man's best friend. They provide relief from the scorching heat. To enhance the experience of the same, Trane launched the new app featured with multi functions like Plug & Play style permits user to connect to network just by Powering ON the Gateway with no efforts for configurations.   The beauty of the app is the fact that its user friendly. Hence it eases the control of every individual who is registered with the Trane Interactive AC, enabling them to have all the controls of the AC in terms of its modes, power and temperature at the user's fingertips. According to Sudarshan Ananth, Vice President and Territory Leader – HVAC & Transport, API Climate SBU, Ingersoll Rand plc “We at Ingersoll Rand are focused on building products to make lives comfortable, safe and efficient. Today, customers are looking for comfort centric systems and solutions that are energy efficient, reliable, easy to maintain and with modern designs that match their lifestyle. Our new launch is keeping in sync with enhanced needs of our customers” said in a press release.

The new technology can support up to 18 ACs on a single gateway, the highest any gateway has ever supported. Thus, all the ACs retrofitted by Interactive SmartAC can be controlled by the user on one gateway. The app is enabled with an internet based remote control that helps in controlling the AC modes. Since the technology is updated with high security walls, it leaves no room for scope of cyber invasions. 

By simply downloading the next generation app from Android or iOS play-stores, one can even review the performance of the AC and keep a close tab on its operations.

Although companies like LG and Videocon have come up with WiFi enabled AC's. However, their innovation is limited to the specific product that is configured with such technology. Hence, one needs to buy the AC to experience the innovation. However, in the case of Trane's Interactive SmartAC web gateway and mobile app, one needs to get the technology retrofitted in the AC to enjoy a luxurious experience.

Well, in today's time, the world is heavily relying on technology for a comfortable living. An app like Interactive SmartAC will definitely increase the human dependence on technology! 

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