Travel Diaries: Cape Town

When you think Africa you think of dense jungles, tigers running wild, savannas and acres and acres of uninhibited land! However, Cape town is quite a place to visit!  The uncurbed beauty of the place and the charm of its people will make you fall in love with the place! You will no longer feel like a visitor.

Here are four places you can visit:

Table Mountain:

Table Mountain is a plateau with steep, dramatic slopes occasionally submerged in a surreal thick white mist, (the people there call it the table cloth) that kept on curbing the view. It is like playing hide and seek as you watch the mountain disappear behind a long cloth of white as if it never existed. The weather changes add to the atmosphere! From atop, it is an eye popping affair with incredible scenary of the twelve apostles, Lions rum, the three sisters and an endless blue ocean. 


The city in General:

It is very well planned city for tourists with tons of vehicles to transport you around. The city has the iconic mountain in the centre surrounded by serpentine roads! The restaurants mainly have sea-food as their cuisines so you can eat all the fish-n-chips you want!

You can later drive off to Chappmans peak to get a mind boggling 360 degree view of the city. The nightlife is bustling with Casinos and bars but Cape Town is not very safe, even during the day.



The Flaura and Fauna:

Can you refrain from the beaches? Hard to do so. You get to swim with the Jackass penguins (they are named after the sounds they make) at Shelleys beach.  Right at the tip of the legendary Cape of Good Hope is Cape Point, another alluring scenic spot.



Cape Town has world-class shops and restaurants offering brands such as Gucci. The crafts markets have authentic, home-made products such as African carvings, masks, beadwork and jewelry.