Travel to Mumbai from Delhi in 55 minutes

New Delhi: Ever wondered of cutting off time while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai within an hour? Wee here is a good nerws for you in this era of modern technology.

This supersonic land travel is possible because of a train that runs at 1216 km/hr. The system is called Hyperloop Transport System . In this high pressure capsules travel in tubes that are partially vacuumed.  It is based on renewable energy. Solar panels on top of tubes, while surplus energy is generated by turbines in pylons.

"The Hyperloop will be powered by a linear motor, similar to one that powers the Tesla. It will be in the needle of the capsule. A linear motor provides a much more powerful propulsion; so in this case, that propulsion is significantly multiplied in the near-vacuum tube with no air friction - explaining such high speeds,” Hyperloop Transpo-wrtation Technologies (HTT) Co-founder Bibop Gresta was quoted as saying.

While a bullet train costs $12 billion, Hyperloop comes for just $1 billion. No wonder the that the Modi government is seriously considering to go for it, starting with the Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop.

Among the proposed routes and their feasibility, Hyperloop is potentially looking at five Indian sectors where the system can be built: Delhi-Mumbai, Bangalore-Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai-Bangalore, Mumbai-Chennai and a port connector project. 

Hyperloop is branchild of  Tesla founder Elon Musk. The talks between  Gadkari  and  HTT followed invitation from  Modi, who had met Musk during his Silicon Valley visit and  had wanted that the concept be tested on Mumbai-Pune  line.

If everything goes as per plan, Hyperloop will be a reality in India by 2023.

Among the prominent cities and countries where the Hyperloop will be built are California, Utah, Illinois, Florida, Indianapolis, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Spain, France, Slovakia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, South Africa, Russia, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia.

The first Hyperloop is expected to be launched in Abu Dhabi.