Travel to world's best museums using your smartphone!

San Francisco:  In a bid to inspire art enthusiasts to brush up their knowledge, Google on Tuesday announced the latest updates in its Search and Maps to enhance the art search experience.

All art-related search queries would now deliver more relevant results and an interactive knowledge panel will allow users to dive deeper into their topics of interest. 

Google has also added a new feature enabling a panoramic view that gives key insights about the art-works on virtual museum visits, the company said in a statement.

With more than 500 million art-related searches on Google, the Google Arts and Culture team worked with Google Search engineers to improve systems understanding in recognition of art-works.

Google made use of visual recognition software to scan the walls of participating museums all over the world, identifying and categorising more than 15,000 works.

Using machine learning capabilities, Google has also introduced new updates to Maps to enhance your virtual tour experience and make it more informative. 

"Now as you walk through the rooms of the museums on Google Maps, you'll see clear and useful annotations on the wall next to each piece," the company said. 

The users will also be able to zoom into high-resolution imagery, getting them closer to iconic works.