Treat your father to some special sweet delicacy

New Delhi: How about treating your father to some yum malicious chocolate delicacies this Father's day as L’Opéra, India's first authentic French pastry and bakery enterprise in India, has come up with some exclusive recipes meant only for the day. L’Opéra has crafted a chocolate, orange caramel and Bailey’s Irish Cream named Chocolate Homage, celebrating the day dedicated to fathers. The recipe offers praline cream and almond sponge, placed under delightful orange caramel and chocolate cream, topped with premium Bailey’s Irish Cream. “Orange caramel represents the sweet moments in a father’s life while the chocolate almond sponge is a solid but affectionate foundation constructed by fathers for their families, and Bailey’s Irish Cream represents a father's pampering of his family,” Amit Sinha, L’Opéra’s Executive Chef, said in a statement.  Laurent Samandari, L’Opéra’s founder and Managing Director, adds: “It is difficult to put in words how crucial fathers are in our lives but cakes are a good way to bring people together and express feelings.” “Who doesn’t like to enjoy fine, delectable creations? We hope to continue to delight Delhiites both on special occasions and routinely with our authentic, high-end French products,” said Samandari. So what are you waiting for, celebrate Father's day with classic but much-loved ingredients?