Trump fulfills Christmas gift, signs tax reform bill

Washington, Dec 23: In over 30 years, days after the Republican plan was adopted by Congress in a major political victory for the US President. The tax reform bill was passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday for the second time by 224 to 201 votes to clear the technical snag in the passage of the package, which was passed by the Senate and House earlier. Trump signed the sweeping tax overhaul which represents the most drastic changes to the US tax code since 1986 into law in his Oval Office of the White House before leaving for Florida on his Christmas vacation. Trump told reporters that he was rushing through the signing of the bill to fulfil his promise to his fellow countrymen that he would do it before Christmas. "I didn't want you folks to say I wasn't keeping my promise. ... we did a rush job today and it wasn't fancy... we expected a formal ceremony in two weeks," Trump said. The passage of the bill by the Senate and House of Representatives is considered to be the first major legislative victory for President Donald Trump, after coming to power.