Trump in..Goodbye to Indian IT professionals from US!

New Delhi: Indian IT companies, including Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, may find themselves in the line of fire as anger against outsourcing in America turns to be a big deal now with the newly elected President Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

The US Labour Department sued software giant Oracle, earlier this week, accusing discriminatory hiring practices against White, Hispanic and African-Americans in favour of Asians, particularly "Asian-Indians".

"We continue to hire locally.However, given the skill shortages in the US and the availability of technically sounded workforce in various global markets,we also rely upon visa programs to fullfill the requirement," Infosys COO Pravin Rao was quoted as saying in media reports.

Rao added, "In addition, the president is a seasoned entrepreneur and as such we expect the administration to be business friendly and innovation friendly." However, TCS and Oracle declined to comment.

Indian IT companies like TCS and Infosys have also been through tough times in the US. Infosys has also been through the investigation after being alleged of possible visa violations at the company in 2011.Infosys also had to pay $34 million to end a federal investigation into visa fraud and errors in its hiring records. In April 2015, a former American employee sued TCS alleging it favoured workers of South Asian descent. (News24Bureau)