Trump seeks disarming of Clinton bodyguards

Washington,  Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has reignited another controversy by seeking to disarm the secret service body guards of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to "see what happens to her".

"I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons. Disarm immediately. Take their guns away, let's see what happens to her," Trump said at an election rally in Miami, Florida.

"Take their guns away, OK? It'll be very dangerous," Trump said, stocking another controversy. While this is not for the first time that Trump has said this, but it is for the first time he said that such a move would be dangerous for Clinton.

Trump's remarks came when he was criticising the gun policy of the Democratic presidential nominee. 

Trump alleged that Clinton wants to destroy Second Amendment, referring to the US Constitution's clause that enshrines the rights of Americans to bear arms.

The Clinton Campaign slammed Trump for such a remark, saying the real estate tycoon has a pattern of inciting people
to violence.

"Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has a pattern of inciting people to violence," said Robby Mook,
campaign manager Hillary for America.

"Whether this is done to provoke protesters at a rally or casually or even as a joke, it is an unacceptable quality in anyone seeking the job of Commander in Chief," he said.

"This kind of talk should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate, just like it should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate to peddle a conspiracy theory about the President of the United States for five years," Mook said.

"But we've seen again and again that no amount of failed resets can change who Donald Trump is. He is unfit to be
President and it is time Republican leaders stand up to denounce this disturbing behavior in their nominee," said the
Hillary Campaign manager.

Trump also alleged that Clinton's campaign relies on the tired tactic of smearing opponents who question her policies
as racists.

"Clinton's campaign relies on the tired tactic of smearing opponents who question her policies as racists," Trump said at an election rally in Miami, Florida.

"It's the oldest play in the Democratic play book and Americans have had enough. They want solutions, and they want better lives not more petty attacks from failed and discredited politicians," he said.

Trump told his supporters that while his opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, he calls them hardworking American patriots who love their family and  country.